Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haberdashery hand sewn brooches

Hello and welcome to my workshop blog.
 Haberdashery hand sewn brooch workshop 

Fully booked

Saturday 28th April 2012 
10am - 4pm
with Viv Sliwka
 Held in a class room, in the stunning grounds of
Weston Park,
Weston Under Lizard,
Shropshire TF11 8EL

We will explore textile and paper collaging
to make decorative brooches.

Emphasis will be placed on playing with surface texture, layering, trapping and decoration.
Using all manner of vintage haberdashery, photos, fabrics, trims and papers.
We will also apply simple hand embroidery techniques to the pieces.
Some materials will be supplied, but please bring along your own stash, to help personalise your work.
A suggestion list will be sent to you on booking.
I am hoping that the day will be a happy, relaxed, enjoyable meeting of the like minded.
An inspirational day of playing and making.

Tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day, with afternoon cake.
Please bring your own packed lunch or
beautiful food is available at 
Weston Park's Granary Bar and Grill. 
  Food is also available at Weston Park Farm Shop.
Please note,  Weston Park will not be open to the public on this day. 
Free access to the grounds will be allowed after our Workshop has finished.
Free parking.
Please see Weston Park link for details of the Park's facilities.
Booking via paypal, please see below. 
Should you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me ::


  1. The workshop looks wonderful - wish I could hop across the pond to attend! Someday....! Jamie V in MT

  2. Good Luck Viv I know that it will be a hit.
    T x

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  4. Oops... sorry, i do not know what i am doing on this blogger... i'm quite new. I have booked Viv! Look sooo forward to it! I wonder.. would you mind please sending me any course details via ? Only i've booked on hubbys paypal, it would be better for me if the details are in my own email stuff. Thaks so much for the opportunity, it's going to be a fabulous day :-D Love D xx

  5. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!! Sorry Viv, trying to use song titles like you do in your blog posts! Sooooooo happy that I'm coming to your workshop. I'm like a small child waiting for Christmas!! Katie x

  6. Oh man I missed it! I'm behind on my Blog Following, do let me know when you have your next one! E x

    1. Have fun everyone.. So envious... Wish I lived nearer..

  7. At last I have some time to browse the blogs! I think this idea is brilliant,Viv!
    I hope you all have a wonderful time creating!!

  8. Why do all the best things have to be so far away.
    Have a great day everyone.
    One I made earlier today

  9. The brooch design is so cute, now I know what to give my baby nephew for his baptismal next month, gotta grab my haberdashery kit and start working on it to finish it in time.